Google Youtube Brandcast

The success of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular allowed Obscura digital to work with Google to host their Brandcast event at the Music Hall. I was tasked to create templates and tools for artists to create and preview content on an array of seven LED screens as well as projections on the entire hall. I worked with other technical artists to update our Radio City VR previewer to use on this show. I was also challenged to look into solutions to render approximately 120 TB of data. I worked closely with producers and artists to create a render schedule for different sequences so that we can stay inside budget and deliver on time. If there were issues on a rendering file, I de-bugged it and created a document for best practices for artists to use to ensure a smooth production.

Role: Previsualization, Technical Direction, Layout, Design, Animation, Compositing.
Programs: Unity, Maya, After Effects, Nuke , Cinema 4D, Octane