Radio City Christmas Spectacular

Obscura Digital was approached to fill Radio City Music Hall with holiday imagery for their annual Christmas Spectacular. We were all excited to design for the historic show. I worked with another technical artist to create a template for artists to use to create content in a way that was intuitive. We created a pipeline that could output a low resolution preview file that was then displayed into a VR previewer in Unity so that we can see any potential geometry problems before we delivered. The output files for the music hall were 14000 x 14000 pixels and reached a variety of software limits that I tested and created work arounds and tools so that we can maintain our desired quality. I monitored approximately 120 TB of renders and de-bugged artists files. I worked with artists and producers to track and manage outputs to ensure a timely delivery.

Role: Previsualization, Technical Direction, Layout, Design, Animation, Compositing.
Programs: Unity, Maya, After Effects, Nuke , Cinema 4D, Octane